what is the best bovine colostrum

What Is The Best Bovine Colostrum?

The Best Bovine Colostrum

People want to know, what is the best bovine colostrum supplement? The answer begins with a scientific understanding of colostrum.

Colostrum is a pre-milk fluid that mammals produce for their young.

Bovine colostrum is unique in that it is not species-specific. In other words, other species can take bovine colostrum with benefit. Goat colostrum, for example, is for goats. But bovine colostrum can be used by humans.

So the first thing to understand is that bovine colostrum is a pre-milk fluid. It does not last forever. The colostrum turns to milk, so it is important when it is collected.

If too many hours have passed before it is collected, it is transitional milk. Within 72 hours, it is milk. You could buy it in a store. There is no difference.

So to be true colostrum, it has to be collected within 6 hours of the calf being born.

A lot of what is sold as colostrum is actually transitional milk, or in some cases, colostrum that is defatted and the fat contains nutrients, so nutrients are lost when the fat is removed.

Best Bovine Colostrum for Humans

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It is processed in a special way that retains the nutrients. Some colostrums are processed for expediency of shipment. Some colostrums contain transitional milk. Some colostrums are defatted.

Best Bovine Colostrum for Dogs

As mentioned above, bovine colostrum is not species specific. So dogs can take this colostrum.

There is a special product just for dogs.

Where to Get Bovine Colostrum?

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