Best Colostrum – Is All Colostrum the Same?

No. Things that go by the name of colostrum may be transitional milk.

Everything sold as colostrum is not colostrum.

Colostrum is a pre-milk fluid that exists up to 6 hours of the calf being born.

After that, it begins to turn into transitional milk. This is important for lactose-intolerant individuals to understand. If they don’t buy true colostrum, then it may not be total colostrum.

Within 72 hours, the cow is producing milk.

Bovine colostrum is more powerful than human colostrum. Human colostrum is for human babies.

Bovine colostrum, while not being species specific, may be 100X – 1000X more powerful than human colostrum, depending upon the component referenced. It is more beneficial to take bovine colostrum if you are not a newborn human infant. Human colostrum is for human newborns.

A company that says it has true colostrum, should be able to produce documentation from a third party independent laboratory.

If you have tried colostrum before and felt it did not give you benefits, were you taking real colostrum or transitional milk?


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